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To start your E-Passport application, click on the Link below and you will be re-directed to the Nigerian Immigration Service Website.    

Follow the instructions on the Nigerian Immigration Service Website to fill your E-passport form and to pay online. Once your E-passport payment (32-page or 64-page passport) has been made, save and print out your Application form, Payment and Acknowledgement slip which includes your Application ID.

Applicants are advised to print PDF copies of their Application form & Payment Acknowledgement slips for safe keeping. Failure to do so may result in loss of proof of payment. Please note that you have to separately print each page of your application form before exiting the page.

You are also advised to return to the return to the Nigeria Immigration Service siteclick onPassport Application Payment Status” and enter your Application details to check your payment status.

In cases where an applicant was not able to print their application forms before payment, you are advised to go to Innovate Service Website and login in with your Yahoo or Gmail account to print out your complete application form.

 STEP 2: Upload Required Documents for Passport Processing

Once you have made your payment and you have your Payment & Acknowledgement slip, applicants are required to upload their documents for verification.

There are three categories of passport applications.
The various categories and the documents required to be uploaded are:

Before you make an online booking appointment, applicants are required to Upload their documents before they are to proceed to the Book Appointment button.

Verification from the Embassy consular department will determine when booking appointments can be made. Once all verification is complete please proceed to book a date for an appointment with the Embassy. Be aware that any chosen date will be minimum of 2 weeks from the date the appointment is being made.