Parental Authority

Following recent incidents of child custody cases between some Nigerians in France and French Authorities, the Embassy wishes to remind Nigerians of the importance of familiarizing themselves with the French law. They should also know that: 

  1. Parents may have their children withdrawn from their custody in the event of danger or lack of interest in the child (if the police or other government agencies consider this to be in the best interest of the child)
  2. In the event of conviction for a crime or offense against the parents of the child (in the event parents are convicted of a crime)
  3. The withdrawal can be total or partial (for an individual child or all the children, it can also be either temporary for a specified time or permanent.)
  4. It can concern a single parent or both ( a single parent or both parents may be found guilty and unfit to parent the child)
  5. The withdrawal can only be pronounced by a Civil Judge or Criminal Judge;
  6.  The withdrawal is temporary;
  7. Parents may have part or all of their parental authority restored. (Full restoration of parental custody is not guaranteed, parents may have only partial custody restored.)

In the light of the above, Nigerians are hereby urged to take good care of their children, especially in accordance with the laws and expectations of the host country, France.

Embassy of Nigeria


27th October, 2020.